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The Ratio Property brand was formed in 2018 to cover my property consultancy, development and construction incorporations.

My focus with Ratio Property is to be design led in everything we do!

I’m inspired by creating things that firstly we can stand behind on it’s quality but also creating beautiful spaces that will outlast my lifetime and create a legacy.

Dennis Yentumi

The CEO behind the Ratio Property brand.
An avid reader, lover of all thing’s tech, a disciplined gym junkie and obviously property obsessed.

Being a property professional for 6 years Dennis has a wide range of experience including property development, planning gain, Co-Living (HMO), Serviced accommodation and Buy to let.

Invest with us

At Ratio we know that collaborating and building long term investor relationships is at the core of our success. We are actively looking for investors who are happy to invest on up to a 10% pa fixed return basis over an agreed period or project lifecycle.
We stay committed and always have a portion of our own funds in every deal.

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17a Electric Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LA

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